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Residential Chain Link Fence

Chain Link

If good fences make good neighbours, Duraguard Fence must make for great neighbours. Our chain link fences are the most efficient way to define your property and secure your yard. Duraguard Fence keeps what should stay inside, inside and what should stay outside, outside.

Sometimes, you would rather not see your fence at all. Many times, your landscaping or swimming pool is the real highlight of your yard. Duraguard can design a fence package that will blend in with the attractive environment that you have created. Let Alberta’s most experienced residential fence team help you achieve the look you want.

You may require that your fence create a very private environment in your back yard. Duraguard Fence has several products that will turn your new or existing chain link fence into a privacy fence. These quality products come in a variety of colours to match your home or landscape. Some even come with a 10 year warranty.

Imagine: privacy, while never having to paint the fence again!

Most maintenance-free products are initially expensive; not so with chain link fence. Our chain link fencing is surprisingly affordable.

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