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Chain Link Privacy Slats

PrivacyWhen shopping around for a fence with privacy on your mind, you may automatically think wood fencing; think again. Firstly, compare chain link containing privacy slats to painted/stained wood from a purely maintenance point of view (hours of summer vacation squandered and hundreds of dollars spent repainting your wood fence every few years, versus a quick spray of water from the garden hose to rinse any dirt or dust from your slats). Secondly, compare aesthetics (vibrant fence that will not fade versus a slanted and rotting wood fence). There truly is no comparison to what privacy slats have to offer. 

Privacy slats, when installed in chain link fence, provide a barrier from your yard to the outside world. They offer protection from the eyes of passers-by as well as the wind. They are constructed from PVC (polyvinyl chloride, which is an extremely durable industrial plastic material). We carry a variety of options from moderate privacy (bottom lock style), to near complete privacy (finlink and duraslat styles). We normally stock white, as it is the most common, but we can special order a different color (black, green, brown, grey, redwood, beige and blue) if you are willing to wait a little longer to get your hands on them.

Our PDS Fence Products line of privacy slats comes with a 25-year prorated warranty against breakage under normal conditions. The LiteLink product carries a 7-year prorated warranty, and Finlink carries a 10-year prorated warranty. For full warranty information, please ask your Duraguard fence professional.