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Commercial and Industrial Chain Link Fence

Chain link fencing is the obvious choice for industrial applications, because it provides long lasting protection without any necessary upkeep. There is simply no other product that can match Duraguard’s fencing in terms of safety, security, endurance, and cost effectiveness. We have the product range to fill security requirements, from short crowd control and sports field fences, to 6 to 14 foot tall fences with barbed wire or razor ribbon for extra security. We manufacture chain link in 6 to 12 gauge, and supply galvanized pipe in light weight 1 3/8 O.D. through full weight 6 5/8 O.D.

When “The Friends of the Valley Zoo” in Edmonton needed fencing for their new Siberian tiger exhibit, they looked to Duraguard Fence to design and build the very specialized structure.

Other high profile jobs include:

• Bell Mobility Towers – AB
• North American Construction-Syncrude UE-1 project – Fort McMurray, AB
• Defense Construction Canada – Cardiff, AB
• Ammunition Compound – Shilo, MN
• Muskeg River Contracting (Albian Sands project) – Fort McMurray, AB
• 360 Networks/Ledcor Communications – over 200 sites from Vancouver, BC to Thunder Bay, ON
• Alliance Pipeline – AB
• Amoco Prairie Rose – Joffre, AB
• Department of Defence, Forward Operating Station – YK
• Ft. St. John Airport – Ft. St. John, B.C.
• Alpac Camp Security Fence – Athabasca, AB
• R.C.M.P. Communication Stations
• Northeast Engineers Yard, City of Edmonton – Edmonton, AB


Most maintenance-free products are initially expensive; not so with chain link fence. Our chain link fencing is surprisingly affordable.

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